Our Program

Our Program

Increase your Freedom, Income, Community, Resources, and Expertise

Us In Technology is a free-of-charge training program focused on diversifying the tech industry with more qualified underrepresented individuals. When you apply to become a mentee with UiT, you become a vital member of our community.

Our program is designed to help the career switcher, the recent graduate, and the knowledge-hungry explorer. With Us in Technology in your corner, you will increase your Freedom, Income, Community, Resources, and Expertise.

In the program, expect to experience:

A smoother transition into Corporate America and Tech – our Sales Bootcamp will help you understand the basics of sales prospecting, social selling, sequencing, completion of Meddicc Sales Methodology, Salesforce training, and a lesson on impostor syndrome.

Want to make a difference?

We want to help you to find your footing in tech, learn the essentials, develop your skills, and create your own success.

How to get Started

We are NOT here to help you just get your first job, but also, your last job. Change happens at the top which is why we are focused on helping our mentees not only become tomorrow’s top executives but also tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

  1. Apply!
  2. Begin our online learning curriculum and attend our live workshops to help perfect your resume and interview coaching skills. 
  3. Begin interviewing with Us In Technology Partners! Every Us in Technology Partner Employer offers comprehensive benefits and the opportunities to earn 6 figures by year two and to be promoted within 12-15 months from hire.
  1. Once hired, you will complete a 3-week Us In Technology Bootcamp targeted towards minimizing your onboarding time and placing you on the path to become a top performer!
  2. You will then have the opportunity to participate in our continuous education program that is created by industry experts in the areas of Sales, Customer Success, Engineering, etc. to help guide you in earning your next promotion.
  3. Members will also have access to quarterly Us In Technology Trainings that include teachings on the basics of: Financial Literacy, Real Estate, Stocks, Multiple Streams of Income, Cryptocurrency, etc.